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EDI Outsourcing Mapping
Need to implement a new EDI transaction? Dont have the time or resources available?

Let our expert staff provide the assistance and experience necessary to get you on your way.

EDI Consulting
Looking for support on a specific EDI issue with your translator?

See a list of the mayor EDI translators which we support and have valuable years of experience, spread through various markets and industries.

EDI Consulting

EDI Outsourcing Services
EDIXpresss provides "EDI Compliance Services" to vendors who do not have Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processing capability. We offer the following two types of services which can be tailored to your need. Either service allows you to exchange EDI documents quickly and easily with your trading partner.

Mapping Services Solutions

Simply stated, we convert EDI data to/from Customized Data Files for use with a spreadsheet, ERP or business applications. You do not need to know anything about EDI to comply with your trading partners’ electronic processing requirements!

Mapping Services Solutions
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We take care of the initial setup work with your trading partners. These steps include:

  • Gather the necessary information concerning your company
  • Provide the application file layouts for your systems
  • Load the application files into your internal systems successfully
  • Generate application files from your system and transmit them
  • Files are converted to EDI documents and transmitted
The requirements for the Application Conversion Process is as follows:
  • Communications software or other means to receive/send application files
  • Ability to receive/send the Custom Data File defined by you
  • The ability to import and export application files within your systems.

Outsource Services Solutions
The Manual Processing Program converts EDI data received from your trading partners into a readable format and sends it to you via mail, fax, or e-mail. We also translate information you fax, or email into an EDI format that is returned to your trading partners. Once again, you do not need to know anything about EDI to comply with your trading partners’ electronic processing requirements!

Outsource Services Solutions
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The initial setup work with your trading partners is completed by Global E-Commerce Technologies. These steps include:

  • Receive fax or mail copies of the EDI documents in a form so that you are familiar with the look and the content of the documents.
  • Transmit via fax or mail your outgoing documents so that it can be converted into EDI format.

The requirements for the Manual Processing Program is as follows:

  • A reliable fax machine.
EDIXpress can be your one stop source for all your EDI needs, including:
EDI Consulting, EDI Outsourcing, EDI Remote Support, EDI mapping, and data integration projects.
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