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EDI Outsourcing Consulting

Need to do EDI but don't have the time or the resources?

We provide EDI Complicance Services to vendors who do not have Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processing capabilities. .

EDI Consulting Services

Looking for support on a specific EDI issue with your translator?

See a list of the mayor EDI translators which we support and have valuable years of experience, spread through various markets and industries.

Inovis Harbinger Mapping ServicesEDI Consulting

TrustedLink Mapping Solutions
TrustedLink Mapping SolutionsTrustedLink Enterprise is a powerful, full-featured series of EC / EDI software solutions for enterprise-wide electronic commerce. It offers exceptionally high message processing performance, true platform independence across all major platforms, advance integration capabilities and sophisticated communications options.

TrustedLink Enterprise provides all the functionality needed for the most complex and hig-volume EDI environments. It supports one-pass processing, concurrent processing, and any-to-any translation, all while providing complete integration with the most popular database management systems.

TrustedLink Enterprise's client/server architecture allows you to properly distribute operation responsiblities. For example, the Mapping Workbench, operates independently of the server components, allowing users to work from home, or consultants to operate remotely.

TrustedLink Mapping SolutionsTrustedLink Enterprise incorporates advanced application integration tools to provide capabilities well beyond simple data mapping that result in significant savings in time, effort and cost. For example, system supplied validation allows for conditional logic as well as extensive table look-up and cross reference capabilities. User exits are also available so you can use existing application logic, such as part number validation or credit authorization routines, as part of the translation process.

TrustedLink Enterprise employs a windows-based graphical user interface, wizards and full drag and drop functionality to simplify day-to-day operations. It supports multi-divisional EDI processing and reporting requirements. It also supports any-to-any translation for the exchange of proprietary data formats.

TrustedLink Mapping SolutionsFor more detailed information, you can visit Harbinger's or Inovi's web site at

EDIXpress can be your one stop source for all your EDI needs, including:
EDI Consulting, EDI Outsourcing, EDI Remote Support, EDI mapping, and data integration projects.
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