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EDI Consulting Outsourcing
Remote Support Solutions
Consulting Services SolutionsEDIXpress offers complete EDI support adn implementation services to ensure customer satisfaction in the implementation or migration to a new system.
Mapping ServicesNeeds Analysis - During the first stage, consultants go through steps to ensure that they understand the business and needs of the client.
Consulting SolutionsConsulting - We offer consulting services for a wide range of software packages. Implementation of any package is the largest challenge when changing systems.
Development IntegrationDevelopment - Our development expertise ranges from small form and report customizations to creating and maintaining off the shelf software packages.
Support ServicesNetworking - Our networking specialists can assist in solving all of your technical needs. From initial design to ongoing support, our staff will be there to ensure success.
EDI Outsourcing Services
Outsourcing Services Solutions
Outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative to managing EDI in-house.
Send files to the EDIXpress Network and our translation service converts your documents into those required by customers and suppliers. We take on the endless minutae and communications problems you handle today, freeing your team up to focus on more strategic issues.EDI Outsourcing
Mapping Services Solutions
Operations consulting
Managing multiple EDI trading partner implementations, rolling out new EDI documents across a large number of trading partners, or developing EDI specifications can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Our expert project leaders can assist you with your project or manage it entirely so that you can spend your time more productively.EDI Consulting
Mapping Services Solutions
Need to implement a new EDI transaction?
Don't have the time or resources available?
Remote Support Service
Looking for support on a specific EDI issue with your translator? Are you trying to translate your data and you're not receiving the desired results? Help is but a phone call away. Call us at (305) 809-6508, and a technician will assess the situation.
See a list of the mayor translators which we support and have valuable years of experience, spread through various markets and industries.
EDIXpress can be your one stop source for all your EDI needs, including:
EDI Consulting, EDI Outsourcing, EDI Remote Support, EDI mapping, and data integration projects.
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