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EDI Outsourcing Consulting

Need to do EDI but don't have the time or the resources?

We provide EDI Complicance Services to vendors who do not have Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processing capabilities. .

EDI Outsourcing Consulting

Looking for support on a specific EDI issue with your translator?

See a list of the mayor EDI translators which we support and have valuable years of experience, spread through various markets and industries.

Remote Mapping SupportEDI Consulting

Remote Mapping Support

Remote Mapping SupportAt EDIXpress, we specialize in providing custom-designed electronic commerce solutions to meet your company's needs.

Our products and services are sure to be of interest to you!

Our goal is to make working with electronic business(EDI) information as easy as possible. We do the analysis, the setup and the necessary testing so that you can use your new EDI / EC system with minimum of effort. In fact, many of the systems we install run unattended - - leaving you time to focus on other matters!

  • We begin by reviewing your current business systems to make certain that you get the most value from your switch to electronic data exchange.

  • Next, our expert designers perform the task of properly fitting the electronic exchange of information into your business operation or assisting you in fine tuning any processes you already have in place.

  • Lastly, we are available to provide on-site installation and training to ensure a smooth transition to your new or updated system.

EDIXpress offers a wide range of EDI / EC solutions to choose from - - each of which represents state-of-the-art technology and seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems.

We have serviced an ever-growing list of clients in all industries, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, automotive, grocery, jewelry, media, aerospace, steel, healthcare and petroleum.

EDIXpress can be your one stop source for all your EDI needs, including:
EDI Consulting, EDI Outsourcing, EDI Remote Support, EDI mapping, and data integration projects.
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